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Mr. Bozzuto is a retired vice president of Technology from Alstom Power’s Boiler and Environmental Sector.  He is currently an independent consultant (currently with CIBO, EUCI, and GE) and a principal in the startup company Global Resources Development & Management Company, LLC.  Mr. Bozzuto's background and experience have been in the areas of new technology development and commercialization.  At ALSTOM Power, he has been associated with a wide variety of new process technologies including CCS, pressurized fluidized bed combustion systems, atmospheric fluidized bed combustion systems, flue gas desulfurization systems, NOx control and removal technologies, firing systems, coal gasification combined cycle systems, coal water mixtures, coal conversion technologies, solar thermal power systems, iron production systems, and paper mill recovery systems.  He has also been responsible for marketing, market planning, strategic planning, and business development for utility steam generation systems and related products and the profit and loss of the Fluidized Bed System Business Unit.  Mr. Bozzuto was editor-in-chief of the award winning textbook entitled “Clean Combustion Technologies” published by Alstom in 2009.  He was the technical leader for the National Coal Council Report on DOE’s Technical Progress in CCS Technology in 2015.  Mr. Bozzuto received his bachelors and masters degrees in Chemical Engineering from MIT and a masters degree in Management Science from the Hartford Graduate Center.